About re-discovering intuition and using it for better health and nutrition.


Our body is amazing and can do so much! If only we would take care of it and nourish it. The body is constantly trying to tell us what it needs to feel nourished and be a better vessel for our souls. The thing is, we don’t really listen. Our head gets in the way.

Yes, our head gets in the way with all its knowledge and experience, with its shoulds and shouldn’t’s, with its predictions and calculations. But wait, for over and above there is also intuition, that immediate gut feeling frequently silenced by our head.


Intuition in the sense of listening to our body’s wisdom, is the ability to understand something without the need for conscious reasoning.

When we connect with our body, listen to our body, and follow our intuition to discover what is truly needed to feel nourished, then both our nutrition and health begin to morph into an optimal state. This optimal health state (different for everybody) is often forgotten while we listen to what our head tell us instead of our body wisdom.


Intuitive nutrition is an amazing way to seek our very own perfect nutrition, balance, and health. Simply because each body is unique and there is no a perfect way for everybody. Also, there is not a way to nutrition that will work forever because we, as human beings, are constantly changing.

Re-discover intuition: Ask yourself what your body needs now. If you are craving, what’s missing? And if you are hungry, what’s needed: food, a walk, rest, or hydration?

Choose to be kind and grateful.

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“We are what we eat”… not exactly.


We are not just what we eat but what we metabolize and, in order to do so, our bodies should be in a relaxed and balanced state. Of course the quality of the food we eat and the choices we make are very important; along with (just as important) stress management and taking care of hidden bottled up emotions. Otherwise, we could be eating the healthiest of foods and still be unable to achieve health.


People who has survived traumatic events (even from long ago), highly sensitive people and those who live at a fast and stressful pace all the time may see signs of metabolic unbalance even if they follow a healthy diet. Toxic beliefs and negative self-talk also affect how we digest and assimilate food.

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We are complex human beings and  we are not just what we eat… not exactly.

Choose to be kind and grateful.

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The Sun and your health.

I woke up this morning feeling completely drained. Even though I take care of myself, this sometimes happens. As I collapsed in bed after the traditional morning routine (greeting everybody, lunchbox, breakfast, etc.) I could see a glimpse of sun behind the curtains: A blessing. Too tired to think about exercising, I decided on a bit of sun and gardening instead and soon felt better.


Sunlight has many  beneficial effects: Lowers cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, increases blood oxygenation, it even helps you shed weight and helps with depression; but the main benefit is vitamin D production, which is so important for calcium and phosphorous absorption, facilitates  normal immune system function as well as the growth and development of bones. Today many are deficient in vitamin D.


Exposure to the sun should be done slowly and carefully to avoid sunburn. If you are not used to the sun, then your skin will be more sensitive to it. Nevertheless, a daily dose of sun really contributes to your overall health and wellbeing.


Choose to be kind and grateful.

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About forgiving ourselves and its silent effect on metabolism.

Let me start by saying that I know a lot of people are having trouble with their metabolism these days (myself included). Symptoms are so diverse, like unpleasant digestive issues, inability to lose weight, chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalance, autoimmune diseases, constipation, and chronic migraines, to name a few. If you’ve been tested and there’s nothing “wrong” with you, then you might want a try an alternative approach by working on finding your very own metabolism-wreckers, by which I mean taking a dive within you to search for the cause of such ailments instead of just treating the effects.


Stress… an overused word these days. But alas, it’s not without just cause since stress is the official byproduct of all metabolism-wreckers. An ever-present disease precursor, stress makes itself at home in us without invitation. Sometimes we get so used to it we no longer detect it, or worse, choose to ignore its presence.

There are infinite metabolism-wreckers but today I would like to address one in particular: Not forgiving ourselves. Note that this isn’t about forgiving others, which believe it or not, is easier than forgiving ourselves (I mean really forgiving, not just denying). Last week, this topic came to my attention by means of a most dear mentor’s class. As always, my mind started roaming and analyzing immediately, a process I not always enjoy but have learned to embrace as a valuable part of who I am and the work I do.


Next is a tiny summary of my mind’s wanderings and explorations as I listened to my mentor’s words: Have you forgiven all your past mistakes, errors in judgment, bad decisions which affected other people, decisions which produced shame within you, your ignorance, your lack of action, all temperament issues and bad habits? Believe me, I even asked myself about forgiving myself for not being able to forgive as fast…. It was an interesting moment to say the least.

So, just in case all this resonates with you I want to emphasize this: Please realize you did the best you could at the time. Because the way we act, the decisions we take, the way we think and the way we respond depends on the skills we have, the frame of mind we’re in, and how we perceive the situation at that moment. Maybe we didn’t have as much objectivity, maturity, knowledge, tools or life experience, and the fact that you are realizing that now means that you‘ve grown, matured and learned…and that is a very good thing. A great thing!


One word: compassion. In case you find things which you have not forgiven yourself for, please stop beating yourself up about it. If we can learn to think of ourselves as our best friend, to speak to ourselves with love and kindness we can heal and by healing our metabolism will start to regulate itself. As you feel the weight lifting and the stress produced by bottled up emotions inside you leaving… then there will be room to heal, nourish yourself, and improve health. Remember to always be a work in progress, which means you’ll get there a little at a time, not all at once. It is a great thing to look for metabolism-wreckers and start to exterminate anything that depletes you from enjoying life. New behavior and thinking patterns are both skills. So, cut yourself some slack while you’re on a new learning curve. Realize that you’re going to make mistakes. We all do.

Choose to be kind and grateful.

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