Some things will never settle easily inside my soul, my mind, my heart or my body. Once received, some ideas will never be allowed to settle peacefully inside me. The rebel within me will not be silenced, at least not easily. That’s why I had learned that it is better to listen rather than try to control such a rebel, mainly because the cause of the uproar will in fact, almost every time, be right and in more than one way justified.


I have learned to love my rebel, the one that lives within me, the one who shows up to stir everything up when something is not right, the one that signals that change is imminent and utterly necessary, the one that never takes no for an answer.


The rebel inside me: The rebel that fights to let go of anger, the one that fights to be free from fears, to move forward, to take responsibility, to fully commit, the rebel that challenges perspective and attitude, and wisely fights to let go of useless expectations while choosing love and health instead. The rebel who fiercely defends and shows that God loves me and is ever present.

Choose to be kind and grateful.

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