Last January I wrote a blog about the mind’s wardrobe. At the time I was fascinated with what I had personally achieved but I could see that it was again time, time to unclutter my mind’s wardrobe because it was no longer looking as fabulous as it used to. Also, it was no longer working for me, not anymore and it was exhausting, time consuming and even painful to use it like this.


“Discover that there is more to life and discover what that is…” is what I usually think, but the path to self-discovery and growth is a tricky one to hike, and whenever you think you may rest for a while it turns into difficult terrain again as a reminder to embrace that only change is permanent.

“Where did you lose yourself along the way? Through your job, through taking care of others, through motherhood…” I will ask myself.  This is important: if awareness of losing ourselves has been nagging at us, then we are probably right and need to urgently make adjustments in order to get unstuck. But first, a thorough mind wardrobe cleaning is imperative. Frustration is the calling of a much needed mindset change. It means adjusting whatever is necessary for soul and heart survival and for better health balance. It is always possible, no matter how impossible it looks, to make changes, however small. First, change towards self-love, acceptance and kindness and all other pieces will fall in place. Always taking care of ouselves last, if ever, take its toll and we are not doing any favors to the ones we take care of by being consumed in unhappiness and insatisfaction.


So this week I definitely did my mind’s wardrobe cleaning and uncluttering as follows:

-Reality, feelings, and aging conflicts stayed but were adjusted to a more fresh and positive look for summer.

-Perspective, routine, and toxic thoughts were out. I need some new selection of positive garments.

-Nutrition, time distribution, and relationships were just rearranged to hang up front. They got lost for a while under dirty unusable garments.


We don’t get to choose how we feel. But we can choose what and how we think to better those feelings and if not possible, to welcome them.

Today, looking at my mind’s wardrobe I like what I see… even though it will need maintenance again. Sooner or later. It will need it. Always.

Choose to be kind and grateful.

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