An expert is “a person who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area”. Sometimes experts have a closed-minded view of their knowledge; they just want to convince others about their point of view as if it being the only way; they want to “fix” people.  Personally, I never want to become one. Nevertheless, I know I have acted like one many times, I just know I have: As an older sister, as a mother, as a psychotherapist, as a wife and as a friend. That is why I would keep on working in being a “beginner” forever.


I really believe it is impossible to reach a place where there is no more room for learning or growing anymore. It is also impossible to know exactly what the other person is going through and, since every experience is different for everyone, one can only guess. Everyone is on a similar but at the same time very different life journey. It is my opinion that helping each other using empathy and kindness, sharing experiences and knowledge while respecting each other, works really well. It’s the way I like and return to every time I catch myself trying to be a closed-minded expert.

Choose to be kind and grateful.

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