It is completely understandable not loving what we are going through sometimes, but if we love ourselves during it, things actually become a lot more endurable. I have experimented with this idea many times and it always works wonders. The trick is to switch off the negative thoughts that flow through our head (at all times) as soon as they show up. Some of us seem programmed to automatically think the worst case scenarios and blame ourselves for them simultaneously, but loving ourselves during difficult situations really makes a difference, making it possible to go through life’s painful moments with peace of mind and heart.


As everything around you collapses and nothing works according to plan, the only thing you can do is love yourself through the process. This releases a chain reaction: good thoughts -good feelings- good actions and, if you are lucky, good reactions. Just give it a try, write down every negative thought that crosses your mind during your day and how many of this thoughts provoke self-judgment or loathing of yourself in any way. Also, please check later how many of this thoughts became an actual reality. I can only say that  I’m grateful each and every time I can achieve this (not always) because even though I might end up my day feeling very tired, this makes the difference between a good day or a bad one.


Choose to be kind and grateful.

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  1. Hi Reimagine Therapy
    Thank you very much for liking my post “Why Do I want to be a Teacher”. You have an awesome blog that is full of great information. As you may have read in my blog, I am attending the university next year. What do you believe are the best methods for dealing the stress and pressures of university? Thank you very much. Hope to hear from you soon.
    -The Road to Becoming a Teacher

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  2. Hi!
    Thank you for your comment about my blog. Congratulations on going to college soon! I liked your post because it really transmits your desire and passion for teaching, a very rewarding (also very demanding) profession in which you influence each student’s life journey. I would suggest you always take care of yourself (heart, soul, mind, body) even in the busiest of times (exams week). You sound like you know yourself pretty well so, follow your inner wisdom and listen for any signs of having exceeded yourself physically and mentally. Eat well and always take small breaks (minutes) regularly and deep breaths. Always do your best but do not look for perfection but rather improvement as a student. Enjoy your accomplishments and learn from your mistakes without tormenting yourself about them. Be present in the moment, stop yourself from thinking about all you have to do later. Our thoughts are our main source of stress so be positive. I’m sure you will find a wonderful tribe! Feel free to email me anytime 


  3. Probably none of these bad thoughts become reality but they seem real in that moment and trying to think positive is quite hard.
    I will most definitely try and follow your example. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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    1. Hi alinabarac.
      Yes, it is very hard but with patience and practice we start to see improvement and it’s so worth it! I am a work in progress in this and it works. Thank you for your comment. Do let me know how it goes.

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