What we eat affects our mood and our mood affects what we eat. It’s a fact. It’s the way it is. The longer the (food/mood or vice versa) cycle goes on, the longer it takes to break free of it and correct course. If the cycle has been going on for a long time, it will take a long time to correct. Quitting ‘cold turkey’ either food or emotions usually ends up in failure, so taking just one or several steps every day is key in breaking the pattern. Take notice… if mood started the cycle, taking steps for inner self-care first is essential. On the other hand, if food started the cycle, taking steps to add more nourishing food to slowly displace the bad food choices should start to decelerate the problem. A combination of both, inner self care and better food choices is optimal but I do suggest to start with the main cause first. Look not for overnight perfection or correction but for slow daily progress and since sometimes things get worse before they get better, self-compassion and understanding will go a long way in the process.

Choose to be kind and grateful.

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