It’s been a while since my last post. I have been otherwise engaged and, in trying to follow my own advice, decided not to stress about being unable to write for a while. The fact that I decided upon not stressing doesn´t mean I was completely successful at it; therefore, I needed to find a solution… From now on, in order to be able to blog, I will have to write shorter versions of the ideas I want to share. So there!

Now, about changing an obsolete behavior pattern. Not long ago I discovered that I was incapable of saying no and compulsively placed the needs of others before mine. This behavior I still deeply believe it to be a righteous one, but the fact that I forgot completely to honour my needs ended up in health issues that are still in recovery. Saying no made me feel guilty or at least a terrible uneasiness afterwards. I had to find balance. It’s not an easy thing to unlearn patterns which run back for generations, but I chose to acknowledge that this pattern no longer worked and needed a tune up for my own wellbeing and for those around me. I really think that each and every one of us can find something that no longer works and have the courage to change it out of love for ourselves and others. What would you change?


Choose to be kind and grateful.

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