What is “healthy living” anyway? Well, healthy living is not equal to just a “good diet and exercise”, at least not for me. I am not discarding the importance of good nutrition and body movement; I just think the equation is incomplete.

Aren’t we all in the search for health and happiness?  Of course, health and happiness are not goals per se but a road to travel in, by embracing every moment and looking for balance as much as possible. Indeed this road is definitively not linear and will always have ups and downs. We may think that by being healthy we will be happier but on the contrary, it is by learning to be happy that we become healthier.  In our attempt to live life to its fullest we need to understand that there is not one magic (physical) solution that will keep us healthy and happy in a sustainable- permanent way if we do not take mind and spirit into account.

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A person can be eating the healthiest organic foods and over exercising but if emotions are out of sync,  stress prevails and the spirit is lost somewhere, it is all for nothing. We need a balance between mind, body and spirit. I’m definitively not an expert on the disciplines that teach profound mindfulness, but I know the importance of taking care of our emotional and spiritual needs in order to have health.

What happens when we feel unhealthy, unhappy, and uncomfortable is that we aim at healing the physical without taking into consideration that the symptoms we feel are often a sign of lack of balance in our lives and/or a sign of excess stress. We want to fix the physical first and so we may use all sorts of meds, then diet and exercise. When these attempts fail or the healing results end up being short-lived, then the time for us to accept that we must address the other areas is finally here.


We are spiritual beings temporarily living in a body, therefore, we may feel better for a while using meds, diet and exercise, but if we don’t attend worry, anxiety, fear and a higher purpose in life, we cannot completely heal or function. On the other hand, if we want to attend other areas without good nutrition and exercise, it is not possible to heal completely too. So, healthy living cannot be reduced to just what we work, eat and how we exercise. We need balance in life (physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual).

Choose to be kind and grateful.

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