To allow means to give permission to do something. Its antonym is to deny.

Of course we should not allow abuse or disrespect. However, we should be careful because- “It’s our fear of the dark that casts our joy into the shadows”.

‘Allowing’ is living. There is magic behind ‘allowing’and there is also hope, peace and freedom:

Allowing God to do, even if we don’t understand his ways.

Allowing imperfection to exist.

Allowing life to be.

Allowing nourishment.

Allowing patience.

Allowing the heart to forgive.

Allowing the body to breathe.

Allowing nature to caress the soul.

Allowing acceptance.

Allowing time.

Allowing respect.

Allowing emotions to flow and be.

Allowing gratefulness.

Allowing the heart to trust.

Allowing the body and the soul to heal.

Allowing authenticity.

Allowing joy over simple things.

Allowing sadness to go.

Allowing others to be.

Allowing growth.

Allowing rest.

Allowing body wisdom to speak.

Allowing help.

Allowing compliments.

Allowing happiness.

Allowing pain to pass through.

Allowing fulfillment.

Allowing things to evolve and change.

Allowing…… letting go…..


Choose to be kind and grateful.


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