I’ve been told several times recently that my approach to healing is unscientific and unrealistic and just wanted to say a few words about it. 

About unscientific: Well, of course it is. I am neither a scientist nor a doctor. I’m simply a psychologist who firmly believes that stress (in all its forms) and nutritional deficiency (in all its forms) are major contributors to many a disease these days. I also believe that you cannot heal the physical without adressing the emotional and viceversa. 

About unrealistic: I have lived through it, hit bottom and found my way to health again. Believe me, there is nothing unrealistic about that experience. 

Finally, I firmly believe we, as human beings, are interconnected and are here not to hurt each other but to help each other thrive. Therefore, I have been studying, reading, and training for years in order to give back. Since no one can give what one does not have. So, I gladly give what’s in me, from deep within my heart, to whomever this may help.

Choose to be kind and grateful.

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