I want to invite you today to ask yourself these three questions:

Which are some places in life where I need to set more boundaries, to say “NO” more frequently?

Which are some places in my life where I need to say “YES” more often?

And what am I doing about it?


Everyone carries around what has been learned through generations (good and bad). In my case there are many things to be grateful for. I’ve been blessed but nevertheless carry the weight of things I’ve learned that are no longer healthy.

Is it time for you to change and break old patterns? If it is, just remember that you might face some conscious or unconscious resistance coming from within or from others around you. Sometimes when people try to evolve, they face resistance instead of assistance. Once we decide to change, things around us start to shift and usually other people get caught in the ripples produced by this change in circumstances. These people might start to question themselves too and feel uncomfortable.


Your friends and family (or even coworkers) might resist change if you are, for example, the first among them to fight for a degree, to be sober, to eat nutritionally, to take care of yourself, to exercise, to travel, to work in something different, to leave the old family business, to have a new hobby, to change cities or find any new path, your path. For the sake of future generations and your health: Persist. Persist in the kindest way towards yourself and others, listen to counsel from loved ones, but nevertheless persist in setting healthy boundaries and always continue to open yourself to new possibilities.


Choose to be kind and grateful.

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