As Glennon Melton says: “Life is brutiful , both brutal and beautiful”.

A “brutiful” life is precisely the reason why the amount of energy within us (depending on age and circumstance) needs to be managed wisely. It is essential to know how to handle this energy in order to avoid chronic fatigue or, worse, a complete burn out. By identifying our energy leaks and doing whatever necessary to fix them as much as possible we can avoid unnecessary and avoidable drainage. How much of such drainage is preventable?

Well, the leaks may be either physiological or psychological and there may be many interconnected leaks at a time. Also, there are (of course) events in everybody’s life that can drain our energy but are inevitable. I would like to mention some that can be lessened or avoided. Some common physiological leaks are: Not enough sleep, excess use of sugar or caffeine, undetected food allergies, excess use of electronics, eating too much or too little, over exercising or not exercising at all, or nutritional imbalance. On the other hand, some psychological leaks are: Stress at work, anxiety, fear, toxic limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, unforgiveness, lack of spiritual foundation, undigested experiences, perfectionism and unexpressed feelings. I must share that some of these are very difficult to detect without outside help.


It’s hard to accept when we are unnecessarily leaking energy, since we fear fatigue and we don’t like its arrival. We always believe we don’t have time to be fatigued.  Nevertheless, sooner or later fatigue arrives and it might surprise us by being a blessing in disguise, a warning sign looking for our attention. It is imperative to our overall health that we give fatigue a chance to deliver its message and stop pushing ourselves for a moment in order to listen. The times when we do slow down, our health and energy level are deeply improved.

The good news is that even though our energy level is finite, it is renewable. The key is to detect where we are leaking energy and learn how to manage it, for this situation cannot go on forever and will catch up with us leaving us empty. That way to renew energy is by paying attention and taking care of ourselves.


It’s not a good idea to be borrowing energy instead of renewing it. We borrow energy from coffee, energy drinks, drugs or sheer willpower. We can also borrow energy from other people. Energy comes from within and replenishes from within.  It’s a better idea to identify whatever quantity is it you have already and spend accordingly. If you are low on energy you need to slow down. It is ok to do that.

Fatigue is also a sign that life changes are in order. Learning to say no, going out to nature, respecting sleep, and even taking small breaks when other things are not possible (like five minutes outside, five minutes breathing deeply, five minutes in the sun) might make a huge difference. Identifying and preventing energy leaks is a subject worthy of our attention because chronic fatigue takes a very long time to heal, so we might as well do everything in our power to prevent it.


Choose to be kind and grateful.

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  1. Maravilloso artículo!!! Hoy en día parece que si no haces muchas cosas y si no estás en actividad constante eres “loser” en qué momento sucedió esto?
    Siempre que me doy el tiempo de “respirar ” me da tanta paz espero hacerlo más seguido….
    Gracias por expresar lo que muchos sentimos y por tus consejos…..


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