We always try to do the best we can, always. In spite of that, time, schedules, people, feelings, food, health, relationships, work and everything in between cannot be controlled. We can control nothing except our own thoughts.


Almost everyone I know have some control issue (or issues), whether they accept it or not. Control seems to communicate a feeling of protection in an uncertain world, but it’s only an illusion that transmits worry and anxiety instead.

Life is living us and not the other way around, so we better learn to go with the flow while doing our best, which is enough.


Until recently, I’ve always had a hard time letting go while riding a rollercoaster. I have always envied people who raise their arms and enjoy ups and downs at top speed while laughing. Therefore, I will never ever forget the moment I finally could.


Life is a rollercoaster and I am making an effort in riding it as freely as possible. I want to forever practice living the good and the bad while searching around every little corner where control might be hidden.  I will forever persist in letting go of it every time I find it.


Choose to be kind and grateful.

Images from the internet.

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