#6  I don’t have time/ I have too many responsibilities.

‘Busy’ is so overrated. It would seem that if you are not busy you are not a valuable person. But ‘busy’ ends up creating stress, health issues everywhere, disrupting family life and relationships.

The truth is that, if you feel exhausted and drained, it’s imperative to find the reasons for such drainage of energy and improve the situation as soon as possible through small (or big) changes which oftentimes bring great results.

I personally believe the “I don’t have time” belief to be one of the worst limiting beliefs (one of the worst for me). It camouflages as a virtue affecting not only yourself but others around you.


#7  I don’t have enough resources.

The belief that you don’t have enough strength, money, knowledge, credentials or practice should never stop us from evolving. We can always grow internally first.

#8  It’s too late to change.

This self-limiting belief in particular makes me cringe. The idea that we should focus on achieving things according to a deadline or certain time and date in our lives and give up if unsuccessful is agonizing.

There are special cognitive developmental stages to learn certain skills, but that does not mean you cannot learn later in life. Life is a journey and we must never stop learning.

On the other hand, there’s society always suggesting we accomplish certain things by a certain age. Why should there be an age limit for sports, hobbies, learning new skills, living new experiences, changing jobs, cities or relationships? We humans are designed to constantly evolve, focusing on being a flowing stream instead of a stagnant pond.


I recently read somewhere (and saved) the steps we go through in projects and experiences. These are not of my making but I can’t remember the author. They might serve as an alert to limiting beliefs if we are unable to get to the last one:

This is the best idea ever!!

This will be fun.

This is harder than I thought.

This is going to be a lot of work.

This sucks and I have no idea what I’m doing.


Okay, but it still sucks.

Quick, let’s call it a day and say we learned something.




This is one of the things I am most proud of.


Choose to be kind and grateful.

Images from the internet.


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