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Out of all the uncomfortable thoughts and feelings within us, our obsession with food and body is seldom considered a health threat. In fact, it is accepted as the healthy thing to do and sometimes it is even admired and glorified.

Although not true for everybody, it is common for us to spend part of the day wasting time and energy on food related thoughts like: Food quantities, which foods are “bad”, which foods are “good”,  at  what time is best to eat, try this old diet, try that new diet, try a detox, read about food, count calories, etc. It is also common to let ourselves be consumed by negative thoughts such as: I don’t look like I “should”,  I am not thin enough, not muscular enough, not attractive enough, etc.

This kind of thoughts have a strong tendency to become obsessions.  It is a fact that there are people who never have a need to diet. Yes, these people exist. But the truth is that most of us are either new to dieting or have been chronic dieters for years and we are all equally sorrounded by a collective obsession on food. An obsession that blinds us and in some cases, consumes us. This obsession on food and body  may become an intruder who slowly poisons life’s good moments.

On the other hand, we are also sorrounded by tons of information from friends, experts and all kinds of media. As a result, the good foods vs bad foods debate becomes a constant presence everywhere. Since some people choose to eat vegetarian, some choose a high protein diet, some eat gluten free, fat free or low carb, some eat all organic, the “perfect food or diet” debate never ends.

Over time, many discover that the perfect eating approach only works for a while and gives temporary results. We realize that the constant struggles of daily life, together with this obsession, eventually end up leaving us frustrated, anxious and full of disappointment.

Therefore, obsessing with food and the body we “should” have is just the tip of an iceberg in a constant search to fulfill the need to feel good about ourselves and live a happy life. There is an urgent need to be aware of this, let go and start working towards self consciousness, listen to our own bodies’ signals and symptoms, discover what is good for ourselves in an individual way. Also, it is important to learn that food is not the enemy, it exists to nourish us, to give us joy, vitality and health.

Lets discover what our own body needs, explore, heal and find a new path to health and happiness through small daily changes and self-awareness.

Choose to be kind and grateful. 

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