“Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”

I have been ‘face to face’  with an array of mirror references these past couple of months. Things like: “The power of looking at yourself in the mirror”, “mirror exercises”, “mirror therapy”,  “affirmations in front of mirror” and such things just kept appearing in my life via conversations, classes, books, tv programs and movies.

So, I got interested in the subject and paid attention. I even read some more about it and experimented with it. I discovered that sometimes we look at ourselves in the mirror and get a very satisfying result, but also discovered that mostly when we look, when we really look, the results are not so satisfying.

Sometimes we observe and what happens next goes like this: We look too old, too tired, too skinny, too fat, too weird, too tall, too short, big this, small that, too wrinkled, too young, too hairy, too big, too small, etc. Also, on rare occasions, we may even look at ourselves with such daring attention that we achieve eye contact with our reflection and we do not like what we see or how we feel.

On the other hand, while practicing and experimenting on myself, I discovered a doorway to amazing thoughts and feelings to work upon. It was really interesting.

So I thought I could share some simple ideas in case anyone got interested and wanted to try working a little on self discovery, self care and self love through mirror work. It requires daily practice and some courage.

Practice A: Learn to look at youself in the eyes in front of mirror for some minutes and then say to yourself: “I love you” several times each day.

Practice B: Get in front of mirror and promise yourself: “I will take care of you and even if it takes a lifetime, I will learn to love you, you have my deepest commitment”.

Practice C: Look at yourself and for each thing you see that you don’t like, find two things that are good about your body or yourself (one per day).

Practice D: Smile daily in the mirror and dance! Just move and enjoy being alive.


Choose to be kind and grateful.

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  1. The subject matter is certainly very interesting. We tend to view ourselves negatively upon our mirror reflections as the world we live in teaches us that we are never enough. Although not easy to practice, the proposed exercises should prove to be very effective to change this. Thank you for your insight.


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